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As steel detailers, we generate 2D plans & 3D models to aid in the fabrication and erection process of steel framework. These technologies allow us to maintain strong and focused plans/models for all projects, regardless of scope or complexity.

In order to achieve a consistently accurate and successful product we use proven standards & operating procedures along with the use of AutoCAD and Tekla Structures (BIM). The Tekla Structures 3D model gives us the configurations that are specialized for our needs, as well as the needs of the companies we work with.


The steel detailing process begins with layouts of 2D plans or 3D models of steel members, such as columns, beams, trusses, etc. Each member will be accurately entered with the exact location, size and orientation. By using the latest technologies, we are able to complete this task with exemplary detail and efficiency, giving the next step in the process the foundation needed to be precise and error free.

Next, we focus on the connections. With the use of 2D plans or 3D models the connections are detailed (e.g. holes, welds, and bolts), as well as the materials that will be involved in the connections, such as connection/continuity plates and stiffeners. The use of the Tekla Structures software provides the most accurate and efficient source for providing the precise results that will make the process more streamlined and precise.

Then we will complete the 2D plans or 3D model output with exact Erection plans and shop drawing. These drawings and model will provide the final and most accurate look at the overall steel structure and its particulars. The completion of the fully detailed steel gives the fabricator and the erector the tools they need to move forward without any additional information.

Our steel detailing business model will focus on developing your structure with precision and quickness. We want to make sure that all of your needs are delivered promptly and without question.

Company HIstory

We started out as a two-man operation, founded in 1979 in Livermore, California. For the last 37 years, we have pushed ourselves to excel in becoming the top innovative steel detailers in the industry.

From that passion, hard work and determination, we have grown into a company with a large staff of experienced professionals and are recognized as an industry leader in steel detailing. Today, we have a 5,000 square foot office in Pleasanton, CA and service numerous clients, in California and throughout the West Coast.

Innovation, Quality and Service

Cal West Steel Detailing’s innovative approach to steel detailing upholds our years of unmatched quality and service – for each project completed, regardless of size and scope.

We are committed to providing quality steel detailing services for both the Commercial and Industrial Sectors. Our commitment to be successful is unmatched. We handle projects of all sizes and complexity with a strong dedication to exceed customer expectations.

Our company standard is to maintain great relationships with our customers; as well as our employees who dedicate their time and hard work to our company. We provide an excellent place to work, and are always open to speaking with talented and ambitious candidates for open positions.